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All Angels
John Langley
“I've chosen to work many times with John Langley simply because he is a real talent and just get's the job done with speed and quality, whilst most others would still be making the tea.”
Steve Abbott (Producer, Promoter and Artist Manager)
With Steve Abbott (exec producer), Ian Tilley (producer) and Simon Lole (Musical Director/arranger) we established and created the four girl crossover vocal group All Angels in 2006. The four of us co-wrote/arranged/orchestrated their first two albums All Angels (Gold Disc) and Into Paradise, both of which performed well in the charts.

The first album was put together and written in a very tight and often sleepless 10 day schedule and I am particularly pleased with Windmills of your mind which I wrote on a late night train journey between London and Manchester for a recording session the following morning in approximately 4 hours.

The collective efforts of Langley/Lole/Abbott/Tilley (and engineer Steve Lowe) on these two albums was one of the most pleasurable collaborative ventures I have undertaken and we are still in touch, waiting and hustling for our next joint ventures under the banner of EMI Publishing who now represent us.

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Reviews - All Angels
“My personal favorite is "Windmills of your mind." Do not play it when you are driving, though, as you may no longer have your mind on traffic and the road!”

“If you want to avoid falling in love with this beautiful album, you'd better be made of granite.”

“All Angels offer some beautifully,...sweeping orchestrations, designed to highlight their harmonies, which are, quite frankly, top notch. Together they create something even more powerful than a single voice could ever produce.

“Nimrod at the start of the album raised the hairs on the back of my neck it was so moving”

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