Our Case Studies
Paul Campbell (orchestration)
John Langley (Music Preparation)
“Collaborating with anyone, especially during the process of film scoring, requires certain qualities and skills: Musical knowledge, experience and imagination, a painstaking approach to detail and proof reading, being super organized, with flexibility, boundless energy and above all – being a decent, genuine, kind human being with a good sense of humour. Paul, John and his team have all of the above in abundance and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any of my colleagues and I look forward very much to working with them on my next project.” 
Christopher Slaski

Paul met Christopher Slaski through a mutual colleague, arranger Andrew Cottee, whilst at the Royal College of Music in London. Since then, Paul has orchestrated for Christopher on a number projects, including the feature length documentary thriller “A Good American” (2015), which was recorded at London’s famous AIR Studios with the London Studio Orchestra. In March 2017, Paul orchestrated all the cues for an album of library music for Audio Network, recorded at Abbey Road studios with the English Session Orchestra.

Paul travels to London from Belfast for each recording session, assisting Christopher from the control room, ensuring that the session flows smoothly and providing continual musical feedback, while John is on hand, not only to print and pad up all the music for the orchestra in advance of the session from the London office of Studio Orchestrations, but also to deal with any issues arising from a copyist and library perspective.

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