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Hayley Westenra
John Langley
“I've chosen to work many times with John Langley simply because he is a real talent and just get's the job done with speed and quality, whilst most others would still be making the tea.”
Steve Abbott (Producer, Promoter and Artist Manager)
I met Hayley Westenra in December 2003, along with her charismatic manager at that time Steve Abbott, and hit it off with both immediately. I became her music librarian but the job description became far broader than for previous artists as this role was to be more consistently hands on with arranging, transcribing and adapting than the orchestral librarian role I was accustomed to. Within a week I was adapting and reducing her orchestral materials for the PURE Tour for its small instrumental ensemble. This was to be the start of a long fruitful creative association, including orchestrating her New Zealand PBS TV special, arranging and adapting countless song charts for live concerts and tours with orchestras and bands at home and abroad, and writing all the arrangements for both of her DECCA Japanese Song CDs, the first of which hit the top of the Japanese pop charts ahead of Coldplay and Madonna.

This association has led to many spin-off arranging and studio based projects with manager/producer/impresario Steve Abbott and his old friend Über- producer Ian Tilley, both of whom we are proud to have as Studio-Orchestrations associates.

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Reviews - Hayley Sings Japanese Songs
“The song's themselves are beautifully arranged and everything about this CD - the arrangements, the lyrics and Hayley's voice - is beautiful...utterly captivating and absorbing, I defy you not to be moved by this album. “ (Amazon reviewer)

“This is undoubtedly the most beautiful album I have ever bought...here she has surpassed even herself. This album is full of beautiful, melodious songs, with tremendous arrangements backing Hayley's voice. All the songs are superb,...are of very high quality. The production is superb, and the song arrangements excellent.” (CD Japan Reviewers)

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