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John Langley &
Paul Campbell
We are delighted to have been involved with JONATHAN ANTOINE for the past few years, contributing scores and new arrangements to his TENORE album (Sony Classical 2014) and also his BELIEVE album (Cavendish records 2016), the latter co-written by Paul Campbell, John Langley, Clarissa Farran (co-producer) and Christopher Broom (executive producer). 
Jonathan came to the UK public’s attention in Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 where he and partner Charlotte came 2nd singing The Prayer. The duo recorded two albums with Syco after that before getting their own separate solo contracts with Sony.

Jonathan (who was only 18 at the time) had a remarkable, resilient, strong tenor voice for his age and continues to sing with great presence and vocal security. His renditions of Granada, Torna a Sorriento, Core ngrato and Volare (all arranged Langley) from the first solo album have been widely played and aired and show this remarkable singer’s talents superbly. It was a fitting honour for Jonathan to mark the release of this album singing Volare at the iTunes Festival in 2014 sharing the stage with the great Placid Domingo.

It was a wonderful experience working with Jonathan and the producers on his most recent album BELIEVE where he sang familiar cross-over/music theatre songs (Bring him home), full throated operatic arias (Che gelida manina, E lucevan le stelle), some beautiful realisations of well known cross-over classics (Ave Maria Gounod arr. Langley, Canta Pe ‘Me arr. Campbell, Se/Cinema Paradiso arr. Langley, Hallelujah arr. Campbell, Un giorno per noi/Romeo & Juliet ar. Langley, Because we believe arr. Langley) but also several very beautiful brand new Italian cross-over songs written by executive producer Christopher Broom, co-written with the singer himself (orchestrated by Clarissa Farran and Paul Campbell). It was a really special project to work on and one of the happiest studio control booths we have ever had the pleasure of working in, under the perennially calm baton of James Shearman.

We continue to collaborate with Jonathan on his live performances around the UK and look forward to seeing this young, humble and hugely likeable artist develop and grow further.

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