Our Case Studies
John Langley (librarian/orchestration supervisor)
John Langley has been acting as orchestral librarian/music supervisor for Katherine Jenkins since March 2011, collating orchestral materials for all of her busy worldwide and UK concerts and live commercial events.  
Her extensive live music output ranges from her regular collaborations with the National Symphony Orchestra (32 piece touring orchestra line-up), to small string & rhythm ensembles for TV presentations to full size symphony orchestras including the Philharmonia, BBC Concert Orchestra, Cork City Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and many others around the world.

Our role is to ensure that Miss Jenkins is always singing to the correct version, key and orchestration of the songs in her repertoire and we therefore act as liaison between her management and the ensembles (and choirs) in each case on all matters musical.

There is a great deal of new writing involved in this role and we are commissioned to write new arrangements for concerts from time to time but one of the major and regular creative aspects as musical supervisor to the KJ collection is adapting and reducing her large, lush studio arrangements with their full orchestral sound to fit the 32 piece live orchestra format, without losing the all important sense of breadth, depth and beauty to the arrangements that all the studio albums evoke. Anyone who has seen Katherine live will (hopefully) never feel they are listening to anything that feels ‘reduced’.

Miss Jenkins concert diary is on-going and always busy and we look forward to our future collaborations together in the coming year and beyond.

We also wish to acknowledge the work done previously in the KJ/NSO library and show our respect for Daniel Willmore (Roberts) who held the role of librarian for several years but who very tragically passed in March 2016. A friend and colleague who will be deeply missed.

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