Our Case Studies
Paul Campbell (arranger, conductor)
In January 2016, I got a call from legendary pop producer, Bob Rose, who was working on Russell Watson’s new album, asking if I would contribute a new arrangement of the timeless Rodgers and Hart song “With a Song in My Heart”. He wanted to feature the classic Golden Hollywood sound, while at the same time avoiding it becoming too saccharin.  
Having scored the arrangement, I was then invited by Bob to conduct the Orchestra Italiana del Cinema at the recording sessions in February 2016 at the iconic RCA designed Forum Music Village in Rome. Made famous by its association with the work of film composer Ennio Morricone (who still part owns the studio), it was such a delight to work with Russell, Bob and the orchestra in this historic space. It was the first time I’d conducted on a project where 24 track tape was being used, to bring authentic analogue warmth to the sound. It was a new experience to have to wait for the tape to rewind for playback or to make a new take!

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